Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 17: Interview with Craig Bartlett

In this special episode of Casual Chats, Patricia and Kevin interview animator and Hey Arnold and Dinosaur Train creator Craig Bartlett. They talk about his animation inspirations, Hey Arnold, and his upcoming project for Nickelodeon called Sky Rat.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nick Jukebox Episode 6.1: Last day of summer, baby

In this short episode of Nick Jukebox, Patricia says goodbye to summer with the last remaining Nickelodeon songs she wanted to put in in episode 5, but didn't. Expect songs from KaBlam, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and The Angry Beavers.

Old School Lane Discussions: Top 10 SNICK shows

We have a new series titled Old School Lane Discussions on our associated website Manic Expression's brand new YouTube page. In honor of SNICK's 21st anniversary, Patricia lists her top 10 SNICK shows. Are your favorites on the list? Let's see and find out!

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 16: Crayon Shin-chan

In this episode, Patricia and Kevin discuss about an anime series that they both enjoy: none other than Crayon-Shin Chan! They'll be talking about the 90's Americanized version, the 2006 Funimation produced Shin-Chan that premiered on Toonami and Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, their favorite voice actors, characters, and episodes of the series, and other anime shows and movies they love.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old School Lane Presents: Turtle Talk Episode 4

In this episode, Patricia and Kevin discuss more news about the 2014 TMNT movie, the 1st season finale of the 2012 TMNT series, and the announcements of season 2 of the show from San Diego Comic Con 2013.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 15: Land of the Giants

In this episode, Patricia and Kevin discuss about the 1960's cult classic TV series created by Erwin Allen. It's none other than Land of the Giants.