Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Old School Lane Update: August 14, 2018

Hey everyone, this is Patricia. It's time for another update regarding on the future of Old School Lane. So, as of tomorrow, I will be going back to school so that I can get a degree in broadcast journalism. I had briefly talked about this being a possible thing on my last update video back in May when my family and I made the move from Florida to Alabama. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. Having a love for reading, writing, and presenting topics I've been passionate about, I want to make it a career. In order to make that a reality, I need to get a degree and experience in a TV or radio station working with the newest technology in terms of cameras, sound boards, and software. So, I want to dedicate 4 years of my life to school so I can better my skills and work in a job that I would be more satisfied with. Back in 2008 when I graduated from school and got a certificate for computer support, the Great Recession happened and there were little to no jobs available. I worked in odd jobs until eventually working in a warehouse for 5 years. I was depressed and hated that my life led up to that point. That was partly why Old School Lane was started due to the fact that Kevin and I were miserable with our crappy jobs and needed something fun to do on our spare time. We had a passion for talking about our favorite cartoons, TV shows, movies, and video games and had slowly gained a small fanbase. After a while, Kevin came to Old School Lane less and less due to getting a new job and preparing for his wedding alongside with Christina. He found happiness and moved on to bigger and better things. I had not. It's about time that I take a chance and start again from scratch going back to school and do something I love for a living. It's funny, ever since Arun and I did the Avenue Q podcast recently, this song is more relevant to me than ever.

For those who are wondering "So, what's next for Old School Lane?" Well, I have recorded 3 episodes of Casual Chats that'll be coming out in the next few weeks. Then, there's the last episode of PixMix where Arun and I discussed about the newest Pixar The Incredibles 2 which will be coming out next week. After that, that'll be it for PixMix until Toy Story 4 comes out next year. We'll be doing a Dreamworks this fall so stay tuned for that. I've been writing a few video scripts so I hope to complete them soon. I'll be still participating in The Arun Mehta Show and Live & Wired, so I'm not going to completely disappear. So, if content is a little bit slow, that's why. I hope that you understand and I thank you for your amazing support especially since the Old School Lane YouTube channel has over 4000 subscribers and slowly growing. Old School Lane won't die off because of this change of my life, it'll only get better. But that'll take time. I hope it'll be worth the wait. Until then, hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Thanks for everything.


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 112: Avenue Q

In this episode of Casual Chats, Patricia and special guest Arun Mehta from The Arun Mehta Show discuss about the 2003 Broadway musical Avenue Q. They discuss about their introductions of the musical, the characters, story, songs, and legacy. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

To learn more about Avenue Q, visit their website at http://avenueq.com.

PixMix Episode 20: Top 5 Best and Worst Pixar Movies

In this special episode of PixMix, Patricia and Arun discuss about what the top 5 best and worst Pixar movies are according to their ranks as well as assistance with Dan the Pixar Fan. Which ended up on each lists? Listen and find out.

Check out Dan the Pixar Fan's links down below.