Saturday, January 14, 2017

Top 20 Hey Arnold! Episodes

Continuing with Hey Arnold! Month, Patricia looks back on the 100 episodes of the series and discusses about her all time favorites. It was a difficult task since there have been so many great episodes, but she was able to accomplish it. Let us know in the comments on your favorite episodes and why.

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  1. Hello Patricia,
    I had a long-winded response I was going to put here in great deal about what I thought of your post, along with 5 episodes I would have added to the list, explaining in great detail as to why I would have put them on the list, but sadly, I can write a ton, and thus, exceeding the 4,000 plus character limit. So, to simplify my feedback here, I'll simply state that I've been a long time listener of your podcasts and viewer of your blog, since late fall of 2016, okay, so not that long, but I've checked out enough of your content that I am hooked, as I, too, enjoy talking about my favorite TV shows, movies, etc. And yes, Hey Arnold is one of them! You did indeed, include quite a few episodes on the list that I would have chosen, such as, What's Opera Arnold, and Helga on the Couch, but there are 5 other episodes that I would have put on here, that you didn't, and I'll simply list them down below. If you'd like to know the more detailed story, which thankfully, I had that comment typed up offline in Notepad, let me know, and we can find a way to communicate that doesn't have a character limit attached to it.
    1. Partners
    2. School Dance
    3. Dino Checks Out
    4. Olga Comes Home
    5. Olga Gets Engaged

    With that said, before I run out of characters, I just wanted to say to keep up the great work, and I look forward to checking out more videos and blog posts on Old School Lane in the future!