Sunday, November 4, 2018

DreamMachine Episode 4: Joseph: King of Dreams

In this episode of DreamMachine, Patricia and Arun discuss about the 2000 direct to video movie Joseph: King of Dreams. Based on the Bible story on Genesis, Joseph is a beloved child by his father Jacob and his 10 older brothers are jealous of him. They get even more jealous when Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors and Joseph has prophetic dreams. Then the brothers plan on selling Joseph as a slave in Egypt and lie to their father telling him that he was killed by a wolf. Will Joseph make the best out of a bad situation? Will he ever see his family again?

When the movie was released, critics panned it calling a downgrade from The Prince of Egypt and has become obscure. It's currently the only direct to video movie Dreamworks ever released. Is it an underrated gem or is it a pale comparison to the masterpiece that is Prince of Egypt?

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