Saturday, December 18, 2021

Old School Lane's Favorite Collaborations

 It's week 3 of our celebration of 10 years at Old School Lane! Today, we're going to lookback on my collaborations: both in video and podcasts. It's not very often I collaborate with someone else's podcast or YouTube channel, but when I do, it's been a very fun experience getting to put my insights, feedback. or opinions on whatever the topic is. Or maybe I would lend my voice, video clip, or writing in something that would be a small or large part of a big project. So, these are my favorite collaborations I've been a part of.

Manic Expression Podcast Plays

When the website Manic Expression was first forming, the founder James Daniel Walsh had an idea of collaborating with the members of the site to do podcast plays written, edited, and presented by them. I helped write in one of the first podcast plays and we had it as a double feature. I even acted as one of the characters in the first podcast play. Since then, I have performed in 10 podcast plays and had wrote or co-wrote 3 of them. They have been a wonderful experience and I've had a great time being able to not only perform alongside my friends and colleagues, but to write stories that were personal to me at the time. 

TV Trash Episode 235: The Little Mermaid Animated Series

Chris "RowdyC" Moore of TV Trash and myself had met up at Disney World together and had decided to collaborate with each other looking at the animated series of the 1989 Disney animated film The Little Mermaid. Out of the animated series based on Disney films, this is one that doesn't really get discussed on and we talked about what makes it an overlooked gem. Originally, this was supposed to be a double collaboration where I was going to be doing a review on Phineas & Ferb, but it fell through. Maybe I can finally put it together for next year.

Yesterday's Capers: Doug vs. The Weekenders & Hey Arnold
Premiered on July 2020 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Back around March 2020, the hosts of the podcast Yesterday's Capers Abdullah Moallin and Paul talked about As Told by Ginger vs. Braceface & Daria. As someone who was a huge As Told by Ginger and Daria fan, I gave my compliment and asked if I could guest star in one of their episodes. They interviewed me a few months later and then brought me back for an episode where we compared Doug and The Weekenders and gave a full discussion on Hey Arnold. I had seen Doug multiple times over the years, but I had never given The Weekenders a full watch. So, I had watched half of the series and had gotten myself prepared to talk about them with Abdullah and Paul. We had a fun time comparing both shows with their similarities, differences, and which one we felt presented itself the best. Then we gushed about Hey Arnold.  

Live and Wired

Around October 2013, Decker Shado and That Long Haired Creepy Guy were doing a series of collaborative videos where they were forced to do reviews together. The plot twist was that Kevin and I were responsible for it. While Kevin and I would do many other podcasts with Creepy, Decker was busy with his own endeavors on his channel and we wouldn't connect again until doing Live & Wired a few years later. Live & Wired was a bi-weekly news livestream where Creepy, Decker, and I would look up news on horror, action, sci-fi, fantasy, or video games and talk about them. It was a ton of fun. That is until 2020 when COVID-19 struck and I had to step down when my family was heavily affected by it. That was when Kat took over and did a great job replacing me until I recovered from my personal problems. That is until Decker decided to put it on hiatus. Nonetheless, the two years we did Live & Wired was a ton of fun and we had a blast doing it. 

We're in Between

In collaboration with Casey and Ashli from The Friday Night Nicktoons Podcast, we did a weekly As Told by Ginger podcast called We're in Between. Not only did we watch, analyze, and rate each episode and TV movie, but we also invited special guests who had worked on the show to talk about their personal experiences working on it. Almost 5 years after we had started it, it's still one that I hold very proudly.

Arun & Patricia

Shortly after I had interviewed Arun Mehta from The Arun Mehta Show, he invited me to be a co-host on his podcast series. Overtime, the other co-hosts had left for one reason or another until it was the two of us left. When we began dating, we rebranded it as Arun & Patricia combining both shows together and talking about various pop culture news. We've talked about movies, TV shows, video games, and other bits of news we found amusing or dumb. I look forward to doing the show with Arun every week covering these fun bits of news based on topics we love. Doing it with the person you love is also another big reason why.

Showdown at the Movies: Hocus Pocus vs. Ernest Scared Stupid.

The most recent collaboration I have done was with Alex DeCourville's podcast Showdown at the Movies where he invites a special guest talking about two similar movies. We had talked about Hocus Pocus and Ernest Scared Stupid in honor of the Halloween celebration, but it had came out a little bit late. We had compared both movies and talked about its strengths, weaknesses, and more. I had done another podcast episode with him, so I'll share it on my social media when it's released. But the episodes we've done together have been fun.

That's all for now! Tune in this coming Tuesday, December 21, for the Old School Lane 10th Anniversary Livestream. Then afterwards will be the last episode of Casual Chats for 2021 discussing about the Disney Post-Renaissance Era with Chris "RowdyC" Moore, and my last blog article talking about Old School Lane's Favorite Videos. Hope to see you then.


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