Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Old School Lane Update: July 2024

Hey everyone. It's been a while. Since our last update, Arun and I got married and we had a wonderful wedding. We had a small private ceremony with family and close friends traveling near and far to see us becoming as one. It was the best day of our lives and we can't wait to start this next chapter.


With that done, I am now in the process of packing all my stuff and planning on moving next month, which is why I haven't posted a video in a while. I know I promised that Good Burger 2 Go video around April and I'm very sorry. I would have posted a lot sooner, but the wedding preparations was a much bigger priority. Plus, the Quiet on Set documentary was out and it would've been a bit awkward to post a review of a book that was a sequel to a film based on a All That skit. Now that some time has passed, when I settle in England, I can finish the video. I do have the script and audio complete, so it's just editing my clips, articles, and book pages together. Thank you for continuing to be patient as I make this big move. 

As for podcasts, Arun and I are bringing back In Search of the Crystal Skull after an almost year long hiatus. We have a new themed month focusing on another person: Jim Henson. In honor of the new documentary Jim Henson: Idea Man on Disney+, we'll be looking at his films. There will be two Muppet films, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth. Speaking of Muppets, we're putting the Jim Henson Mupcast on hiatus due to a personal family event that happened to Kevin. Hopefully, we'll bring it back soon. 

We have a new episode of Casual Chats slated to being posted next month with two special guests promoting their upcoming novel. I can't delve too deep into the matter, but it'll be quite a treat. I want to do a quick plug on the Old School Lane Spotify page. Over the past few months, we have gotten a lot more people tuning in than usual, but they aren't subscribed. In fact, 5 of the top 10 most listened to podcast episodes came out in 2024. If you can, please subscribe to the Old School Lane Spotify page since that's where you can listen to our podcasts first before it goes up on YouTube. 

That's it for now. The next time I'll post an update blog, I'll be in the United Kingdom with Arun. Until then, hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Take care. 


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