Monday, January 20, 2014

Old School Lane Updates: January 20, 2014

Hey everyone, Patricia here, giving you guys an update for the Old School Lane blog and YouTube channel. We're wrapping up on the Nickelodeon tribute and Kevin and I are at hard work completing the last shows from 2007-2013. We won't be covering anything from 2014, so sorry if you're disappointed about that. The next shows up for review are The Naked Brothers Band, Yo! Gabba Gabba, Tak and the Power of Juju, Back at the Barnyard, and iCarly. Stay tuned for that. Also, Manic Expression will be releasing their new documentary called Creative Chaos in honor of the site celebrating its 2nd year anniversary. I will be in it and many other great people we've known over the years on that site will be in it as well. You probably remember them being guests on Casual Chats and Turtle Talk such as Mark aka BigBlackHatMan, Mike aka TheOtherDude92, Kyle aka The Man with No Chin, Jim Bevan, Alex DeCourville, and much more. I'll post it when it comes out, which should be in a few days from now. If you want to hear our first impressions on the documentary, click here to listen to an episode of Manic Expression Digression Session talking about Creative Chaos. It's a lot of fun.

Also, I've been pretty preoccupied with the other associated websites and pages such as The Re-Open Nickelodeon Studios Facebook page, the PlaysStation Let's Play channel, and ComicBookCast as their TMNT episode review and admin for their Facebook page. Plus, personally, I'm currently looking for a job. Not that I don't love what I do, it's that it doesn't pay and my wallet is running dry. Kevin is really busy writing screenplays and scripts for his upcoming movies and taking acting classes. We don't have as much time writing reviews or being on podcasts as much as we want to. Plus, my cat Charlie recently passed away about two weeks ago.It has been very hard since my family and I had him for over 17 years. He had been sick for a while and to see him slowly deteriorate was painful. Putting him to sleep was worse, but it was something we had to do. I still miss my cat and I most likely will forever.

Photo: The battle was lost. My beloved Charlie has passed away. He was a wonderful pet and I will really miss him. I won't be around for a while. No podcasts, no reviews, no recaps. I need to be alone to be with my family. I'll see you soon. -Patricia

Now for some good news, we have another special guest coming aboard on episode 27 of Casual Chats, we have a new podcast series coming this week starring my younger sister and me, and more content from the various sites coming. Stay tuned for that. Thank you so much for being patient. It'll be well worth it.


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