Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Old School Lane's Nickelodeon Tribute: Interview with Angelique Bates

Angelique Bates was one of the first cast members of All That who appeared on Seasons 1 and 2. She was known for playing many characters such as Mandy from Cooking with Randy & Mandy and doing an impression of Steve Irkel from Family Matters. Nowadays, she's an singer, mother, and actress starring in TV shows and movies such as Strong Medicine, Boston Public, Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!, and more. Kevin and I had the honor of interviewing her, so enjoy!

Patricia- When did you get interested in acting? 

Angelique- My mother put me in the industry when I was 9 mo. old.

Patricia- What other career would you had pursed in if you never got into acting? 

Angelique- Psychologist

Kevin- How did you hear about All That

Angelique- My agent.

Patricia- What was the audition like? 

Angelique- Long. I believe some of us had over 5 call backs.

Kevin- What was your reaction when you got the part? I was very excited.

Patricia- What was it like reuniting with some of the old cast members of All That at the 2011 Comikaze Expo? 

Angelique- Great memories.

Patricia- How was it like interacting with the fans at the Expo? 

Angelique- I loved it. It's still all very surreal to me. All these years we have so much love.

Patricia- Did you ever think that when coming to the Expo that you would see a bunch of fans still have fond memories of All That and be more than excited to meet up with you? 

Angelique- No. Never.

Kevin- In All That, who was your favorite guest star/guest singer and why?

Angelique- Da Brat. She is the reason I started rhyming.

Kevin- What was your favorite sketch to perform?

Angelique- Randy & Mandy

Patricia- With the exception of Saturday Night Life, you don't see a lot of sketch comedies any more. Do you think that sketch comedies are a dying art? 

Angelique- Yes. It seems to be all about reality tv.

Kevin- Have you met any other Nickelodeon stars while you were on All That

Angelique- Alex Mack

Kevin- If you can take any prop from All That, what would it be? 

Angelique- The Big Ear of Corn

Kevin- What was your favorite Nickelodeon show from the 90's? 

Angelique- Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Patricia- What was it like guest starring in Boston Public and Strong Medicine

Angelique- It was fun. The cast were awesome.

Patricia- What was it like doing sketches on your YouTube channel with Alisa Reyes and Katrina Johnson? 

Angelique- Just like old times.

Kevin- How did you feel when you left All That after being in it for two seasons? 

Angelique- Sad. We all grew up together. We were like a family.

Patricia- What was it like being in Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job? 

Angelique- It was definitely fun and different. Also it was my daughters first entertainment gig. :)

Patricia- How did you get to be in it? 

Angelique- They needed a pregnant lady and at the time i was getting ready to have my daughter.

Kevin- When you meet with your fans, have they left any impressions on you that what you're doing as an actress and singer? 

Angelique- A lot have but there was one in particular who had my autograph turned into a tattoo.

Kevin- Who were your influences for your singing career? 

Angelique- I'm not a singer. I rap. They were Da Brat, TLC, Salt-n-Pepa, Monie Love, etc

Kevin- What made you decide to jump from acting to singing? 

Patricia- Ive always rhymed.

Kevin- Which songs from your album are your favorites? 

Angelique- I'm still working on my album.

Patricia-What are your next projects? 

Angelique- Working on a pilot and my album.

If you want to follow Angelique, check out her Facebook and Twitter pages at and That's all for now. Hope to see you around Old School Lane soon.

-Patricia and Kevin

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