Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The History of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

On November 23, 2015, an article on Variety was posted saying that Nickelodeon was planning on doing TV movies based on the shows from the 90's with the first one being Hey Arnold! It had gotten even more exciting when it was revealed that the plot of the TV movie was going to be about Arnold searching for his missing parents. While for the younger audience, they have to wait until next November, the fans who grew up with the show had to wait almost 15 years for this movie which would've been in the form of a theatrical film called The Jungle Movie which was planned to be released in 2002.

However, it was canceled from being shown and afterwards, there was a long fight from the dedicated Hey Arnold! fans to get the movie greenlit. But how did this happen? Why did Nickelodeon cancel the project in the first place? What was creator Craig Bartlett doing after Hey Arnold! was finished? How did we get up to this point where The Jungle Movie will be coming out? Well sit back and relax and we go over the long history of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.

Special thanks to the Hey Arnold! Wiki page for archiving Craig Bartlett's interviews and all the other information bits on their website. http://heyarnold.wikia.com/wiki/Hey_Arnold_Wiki

Special thanks to Operation Ruthless and the Hey Arnold! Save the Jungle Movie Facebook page for your non-stop determination to get The Jungle Movie greenlit. 

Special thanks to Arun Mehta for letting me borrow a clip from your podcast interview with Craig Bartlett and for your wonderful support. http://arunmehta.co.uk

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