Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old School Lane's Top 5 Best Nickelodeon Fathers

Happy Father's Day, everyone! While your dad is off relaxing and you just finished making him a nice home cooked meal along with your gifts, it's time to look back on Nickelodeon dads. Unlike my top 10 Nickelodeon mothers list, competent fathers are hard to come by in Nickelodeon. For every good dad, there's either a non existing one or they're complete morons. So this list is going to compile on my favorite dads from Nickelodeon. Here we go with my top 5 best.

5. Tenzin from The Legend of Korra


Being the only airbending master alive, one of the governors of the troubled Republic City, and training Avatar Korra is a lot of responsibility for one man, but being a father to three kids (four if you saw the season finale) and training them to carry out the legacy of airbending is another. Tenzin is a tough, patient, strict man who always stands his ground, but he's very loving and caring to his family. He's low on the list because we really don't know too much about him, but he's there because from what we saw in 1 season, he's a great man and a loving father.

4. Phil Funnie from Doug


Ah yes, one of the first Nickelodeon dads that most people were first introduced to. Phil is a photographer by day and a father by night. He's a very somewhat goofy dad who has a love for his family and gives good advise to Doug whenever he has problems. The episodes of Doug's birthday, the family road trip, and Doug needing a kite for a contest are the episodes that shows that Phil is a very dedicated father who would do anything to make his children happy. That right there are the reasons he is on this list.

3. Don Wrigley from The Adventures of Pete & Pete 


Out of all the Nickelodeon sitcom dads of the 90's, Don "Dad" Wrigley, the father of the Petes, is the most down-to-earth and realistic. He loves fishing, his lawn, competitive driving, and is very tough to his kids whenever they do something reckless and stupid. However, he's very supportive to his kids and sometimes even gives good advise to them. However, he does have his funny, strange moments with his family. But then again, this is The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Why would you be surprised?

2. Stu Pickles from Rugrats

Ah yes, this is was the father I was first introduced to in Nickelodeon and he's still one of the best. While his work is a bit unorthodox with him being a full time inventor, every invention he has made is a toy for his sons. It is true that most of them don't work, but he keeps trying with making the perfect toy and at his spare time, he spends with his kids. He could have been a businessman like Drew, but Stu chose to be with his sons by interacting with them as oppose to buying everything like his child desires like Drew does to Angelica. Stu has had episodes that showed that Tommy and Dil had a love and respect for their father and it showed by the way he's always been there for them. With that reason, he has cemented himself at the top of this list.


1. Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender


Hold on. Don't leave this list. You might be thinking "Oh wait, Iroh is more known as Zuko's uncle than a father." Well, hear me out. Yes, it's true. Throughout the first season, he was mostly known as Uncle Iroh. But then as time went on, we started to know about his son Lu Ten and the his regret and sadness that he felt after he lost him. Later on, he became a father figure to Zuko and treated him like a son. He is kind and wise, but very strong and powerful. From Toph to Aang to Zuko, he's the kind of person that gives great advise to everyone he encounters. Call it a cop out, but I still feel that Iroh is a great man and deserves his #1 spot.

Who is your favorite Nickelodeon dad? Post it in the comments below. Until then, hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Another great rundown, and your #1 pick was perfect. Iroh is a father-figure and friend to anyone who needs his guidance.