Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Impressions: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Hey everyone, welcome to another installment of First Impressions. In my movie review of the Secret World of Arrietty, I had mentioned that I was going to give my impressions on some of the trailers that I saw before the movie. Before it began, I saw 4 trailers to 4 upcoming movies; The Lorax, Mirror Mirror, The Pirates! Band of Misfits! and Frankenweenie. As for The Lorax, I already did my First Impressions on it a while back so I don’t need to repeat myself when it’s not necessary. Here’s the post if you want to check it out.
As for Mirror Mirror, Kevin sent me a hilarious text message on my phone when he saw the trailer for it. It was more funnier than anything I would have came up with. He said, “Mirror Mirror has the evil queen turn a guy into a bug and she picks him up and laughs at him. That is so fucking stupid!” Now we have two upcoming live action interpretations of Snow White this year. If I was to make a bet, I’m guessing that Snow White and the Huntsman would suck the least, even though that chick from Twilight, Kristen Stewart, is going to be Snow White. At least Charlize Theron would make a much more convincing evil queen than Julia Roberts. Also, she was awesome as a guest judge in Top Chef: Texas. 
Today, we’ll be discussing one of the two trailers that I saw, The Pirates! Band of Misfits! a new Aardman Animations movie coming out in April 27th. 
This is the first movie since Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit that Aardman Animations has used stop-motion clay animation in their movies, which I missed very much. I’m sick of watching only CGI animation all the time, since I always loved a variety of animation in children’s movies from 2D hand drawn animation to stop motion and claymation. So you can guess how excited I was when I saw this trailer. My sister and I are huge Wallace and Gromit fans and I enjoyed Chicken Run very much, so you can see that I love the work that Aardman Animations has done.
The story follows a terrible pirate captain and his equally terrible crew trying their best to beat another pirate captain in a race to see who can find a lost treasure. The winner would receive the honor of being named Pirate of the Year! 
The movie is based on the first two books in The Pirates! series, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists andThe Pirates! In an Adventure with Whaling! written by a British author named Gideon Defoe. As of now, there are 4 books in the series, with a 5th one on the way. 
Yeah, you know this book series is awesome when Eric Idle himself says it’s awesome. 
I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out and I’m hoping that the same unique charm that Aardman Animations has done with their previous movies would be present in this one. Here’s the trailer of the movie and let me know what you think of it.

That’s all for now. Stay tune where I give off my first impressions on the remake of Tim Burton’s 1984 short film Frankenweenie. Hope to see you around the Old School Lane really soon. Thanks for reading.

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