Thursday, July 19, 2018

PixMix Episode 12: A Bug's Life

In this episode of PixMix, Patricia and Arun discuss about the 1998 animated film A Bug's Life. It focuses on an ant named Flik who wishes to make a difference to his ant field by making inventions to make things easier, but no one listens to him. When he knocks down food for the grasshoppers, he's send to find warrior bugs to defeat them, but instead finds a group of circus bugs. Can they find a way to defeat the grasshoppers before they return in the fall or will they be forced to serve them forever?

When the movie debuted in theaters, it received positive reviews from critics and fans building the reputation of Pixar being a worthy competitor to Disney and Dreamworks. However it didn't make as much money and praise compared to Toy Story and Antz was released a few weeks prior. Is A Bug's Life still worthy as an animated classic or has it been pushed aside for better Pixar movies?

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