Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We're in Between Episode 45: Butterflies are Free/No Turning Back w/Leandra Argyros

In this episode of We're in Between, Patricia discusses about the 3rd TV movie of As Told by Ginger titled "Butterflies are Free" or "No Turning Back" alongside Leandra Argyros who appeared in a scene due to a request from the Make a Wish Foundation. Ginger and her friends are graduating from Lucky Jr. High and are entering into high school with her being the only person not excited about moving forward towards the next step in the life. Meanwhile Carl and his friends are graduating from Lucky Elementary and are told to put an item into a time capsule to say goodbye to their childhoods. With that Carl puts his petrified eyeball in the capsule and tries hard to mature into a preteen. Also in the mix, Patricia reads off the listeners' comments from episodes 41-46. With this being the 3rd TV movie and the half way point of Season 3, how does it stack compared to the others?

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