Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We're in Between Episode 44: About Face

In this episode of We're in Between, Patricia and Casey discuss about the 46th episode of As Told by Ginger "About Face". Joann is hired to be the substitute teacher of Lucky Jr. High and she uses this to pose as her old middle school persona named Josie to hang out with the popular girls. However, they find her overwhelming and irritating. Meanwhile Carl and Dr. Dave shop for an engagement ring for Lois, only for it to get stuck in Carl's finger. Blake decides to show Noelle the pictures he took of Carl and Polly from "Wicked Game" to sabotage their relationship.

This is the last episode of the series before leading up to the 3rd TV movie and the halfway point of Season 3. Is this episode a good way to lead towards the movie or another dud like the previous episodes over the past few weeks?

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