Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We're in Between Episode 31: Love with a Proper Transfer Student

In this episode of We're in Between, Patricia, Ashli, and Casey discuss about the 32nd episode of As Told by Ginger "Love with a Proper Transfer Student". The plot is about Dodie having a crush on the transfer student named Joaquin and Ginger decides to help hook Dodie up while they perform as a couple in a musical ending up with her falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey prepares a love potion that they tested on Ginger with them thinking that it was their experiment that caused her to go love crazy over Joaquin. Casey and Ashli discussed about this episode on the "School Plays" episode of The Friday Night Nicktoons Podcast and liked it. Do they still like it or has their options changed since then?

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