Thursday, July 19, 2018

PixMix Episode 13: Cars

In this episode of PixMix, Patricia and Arun discuss about the 2007 movie Cars. In this film, a race car named Lightning McQueen is the best racer in the whole racing circuit admired by many fans. While on his way to a race in California, he accidentally destroys the roads of a small town called Radiator Springs and is sentenced to repair all the damages. While fixing the roads, he becomes friends with many characters like a pick up truck named Mater and a love interest named Sally. Will Lightning make it to the race in time? Will his way of life change by the cars in this small and humble town? When the movie came out, it received mixed to positive reviews and generated a lot of money from its toys and merchandise. Some people point out that this movie was the beginning of the end of Pixar's golden age. Is that true? Is this movie really that bad? Listen and find out.

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