Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We're in Between Episode 30: Ms. Foutley's Boys w/Darin McGowan

In this episode of We're in Between, Patricia and Casey discuss about the 31th episode of As Told by Ginger "Ms. Foutley's Boys" alongside special guest Darin McGowan, who was one of the storyboard artists and claims it as the episode he enjoyed the most. The plot focuses on Lois dating the plumber Buzz from the episode "TGIF" with her being less interested in him due to his "man's touch" and his philosophy of "boys being boys". However, Ginger doesn't want her mom to end up alone and persuades her to continue dating him. Meanwhile, Carl tests Buzz's 3 sons on his newest experiment involving with fabric softener as after shave and fabric sheets as handkerchiefs.

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