Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We're in Between Episode 41: Far From Home/Foutleys on Ice

It's officially Season 3 on We're in Between and Patricia and Casey start it off with discussing about the 2nd As Told by Ginger TV movie "Far From Home" or "Foutleys on Ice". It continues from "And She Was Gone" where Ginger enters her poem to Avalanche Arts Academy hoping to get a semester at the school. Thanks to Miranda and Mipsy's manipulation, she does and they hope it becomes a permanent one. Meanwhile Carl and Hoodsey sign Noelle up for a freak show competition when they learn that she has telekinetic powers and Darren develops feelings for Ginger and decides on confessing his love for her. Will this TV movie be a huge improvement over "Summer of Camp Caprice"?

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