Thursday, June 7, 2012

E3 2012 Recap: Sony

Hey everyone, time to recap on Sony's conference from E3 2012. Here's some of my favorite games.

Beyond: Two Souls

Quantum Dream, the same developer behind Heavy Rain, is creating a new interactive drama starring Ellen Page as the main protagonist Jodie Holmes. The story takes us through 15 years of her life in a journey of self-discovery. Here's the trailer for your enjoyment. 

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Yeah, yeah. Call it a Super Smash Bros. ripoff, but it sounds like a great idea. Taking everyone's favorite Sony mascots and video game characters and having them battling out to see who's #1. So far, the characters that have been confirmed are as follows:

Kratos from the God of War series
Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper series
Mael Radec from the Killzone series 
Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal series
Fat Princess from Fat Princess
PaRappa from the PaRappa the Rapper series
Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series
Big Daddy from the BioShock series

Here's the newest trailer for your enjoyment. 

God of War: Ascension

I already did a First Impressions on this game, so I won't go into much detail. However, I have one thing that I want to mention about the setting. It does takes place after God of War, but it takes place after Kratos kills his wife and daughter and having to be Ares' servant. It shows Kratos' more human side before he became a more ruthless killing machine. Here's the new gameplay and the new multiplayer footage. 

The Last of Us

I already did my First Impressions on this game that you can check out. However, a lot more information was given since the last time I did this article. First of all, we get a bit more detail about this game. First, the game starts us off in a post apocalyptic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where our main protagonist Joel and Ellie struggle to survive an world filled with infected humans. Also, we get our first viewing of the gameplay. It has a sort of Uncharted feel with a creepy, quiet atmosphere. As for the infected humans, for those who were a bit skeptical about them being zombie-like, don't worry. They're smarter, faster, more violent,  and they communicate with one another to strategize on how to take down their enemies. Unlike Uncharted, whenever Joel gets injured, his health doesn't get restored after he fights his enemies. He needs to find health kits to restore his health back to normal. The same goes for the weapon ammo. It really makes you think and plan everything out instead of wasting your resources. Here's the new gameplay for your enjoyment.  


While it does cater more towards kids, it does look pretty interesting. The one thing that caught my attention was Book of Spells, a game that was developed in conjuntion with J.K. Rowling to have an interactive Harry Potter experience. It's sort of like Pottermore, but a lot more interactive. You use the PlayStation Move controller like a wand and you can conjure up spells and interact with your surroundings. That sounds like a great idea. Let's just hope that they can achieve this better than Sorcery did. Here's the trailer for your enjoyment. 

Overall, this was a much better presentation than Microsoft. It showed us newer games and newer gameplay footage. There were times in which they were kind of dragging a bit with the PSVita, no announcements about an upcoming console, and Kevin Butler didn't make an appearance this year, but nonetheless, well done Sony. I'll give them an A-. Do you agree or disagree? 

Tune in next time as we cover Nintendo. Hope to see around Old School Lane soon. Take care.


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