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Old School Lane's Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows I Never Want to See Being Remade

Roughly a year and a half ago, I did a list of the top 20 Nickelodeon shows that I want to see being remade. Whether it needed to be updated for a modern audience, the concept of the show never showed its full potential, or it held up long enough to be made into a reboot, those shows are, in my opinion, need to be remade. To know what Nickelodeon shows I want to see being remade, click here and here to view my list. At the time, it's was my most controversial top 10 list I ever did and it still stands by that rank today since I've gotten mixed reactions overtime. However, I still stand by that list and I'm not ashamed that I listed the shows I mentioned. Let's be honest, a good portion of these shows are horribly outdated and underwhelming by today's standards and there's no way that today's kids would get into some of them compared to the people who grew in the 90's. That's like a kid who grew up with Are You Afraid of the Dark? being forced by their older sibling who grew up in the 80's to watch The Third Eye because they feel that it's much more scarier. Regardless of whether you want to accept it or not, very few Nickelodeon shows hold up to the test of time and were catered to the time period. Nonetheless, they still have a charm to them that can never be replicated, even with a reboot.

However, there are a few shows from Nickelodeon that I never want to see being remade. Whether they don't deserve to come back to TV or the show is just fine the way it is, here is my opinion of the shows I never want to see being remade.

10.  Rugrats


Ah yes. You probably recall my discussion about this in my video regarding about the rumor of Klasky Csupo reviving Rugrats. But I'm going to go into further detail into why it won't work. While many people see Rugrats as a classic, they can all agree that the show was at its peak in the first three seasons and when character additions such as Dil, Kira, and Kimi weighed the show down. However, coupled with that and the fact that the show was running for over a decade with stale ideas and mundane episodes later on made the inevitable cancellation. Rugrats was the SpongeBob SquarePants for its time. If Rugrats ever gets rebooted, most likely Paul Germain, one of the co-creators of Rugrats, will not return for the revival due to the major disagreement that he, Arlene Klasky, and Gabor Csupo went through in 1994 and the fact that he's too busy with the Pound Puppies reboot on The Hub. That right there is a major reason why a Rugrats revival won't work: Paul Germain's ideas for the characters and the themes were down-to-earth, intelligent, funny, and not dumbed down for kids. When he and the majority of the writers left, Rugrats was never the same and would continue to follow that path if the show gets rebooted.

Also, what kind of fresh ideas can you add to the show? The concept of the babies growing up was a huge failure. In fact, Klasky Csupo officially retconned All Grown Up due to how bad the treatment of the characters and show was. So, most likely, they would not let the babies grow up in the reboot or otherwise they'll make the same mistake twice. Also, they would have to push Rugrats to a more different approach that would attract to the kids of today and the people who grew up with it, which won't be easy since kids nowadays love crazy, random, adult humor and a simplistic show like Rugrats would most likely bore them. Plus, from what I can recall, the other two original Nicktoons were also rebooted by the creators and that didn't turn out well for the people who grew up with the original. What makes them think they're going to like a reboot on Rugrats. As much as we want to see our favorite shows come back, we hate it when they do come back because it wasn't the same. But if it is the same, then we hate it because they didn't do anything new to it. Man, are we hypocrites or what?

However, it's pretty low on the list because I feel it can work. Klasky Csupo did a astounding comeback in 2010 when we thought that the animation company was dead. They are willing to do different styles of animation and ideas from the looks of their newer shorts and if they can put the same kind of creativity to Rugrats, then I wouldn't mind seeing a reboot on it. But, it's not a show that I'm in a hurry to see come back.

9. Invader Zim

 When this show first came out in 2001, people loved it. In a time in which cartoons with adult humor was growing in popularity such as South Park, Futurama, and Family Guy, Invader Zim was a breath of fresh air since it didn't rely on pop culture references and the humor was more darker and morbid. It made the show a standout and it had gained a huge amount of fans. However, the adults hated the show and eventually, Invader Zim was cancelled a year after its debut. Years after its cancellation, the show became a cult classic and there were many petitions and letters to Nickelodeon to get the show back. However, it has not happened and most likely will never happen. It was just a show that was released in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it would have been released in Adult Swim or MTV, then maybe it would've lasted longer. Nonetheless, the show is still beloved by many people, the merchandise is still popular, and there have been two conventions dedicating to Invader Zim simply known as InvaderCom and another one on the way is coming soon. Recently, Jhonen Vasquez posted on Twitter that he went to Nickelodeon productions for some reason. People have been posting left and right that there might be a chance of Invader Zim coming back to Nickelodeon. I hope that it doesn't happen.

If you know Jhonen's other works such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, and I Feel Sick, then you already know that he has a reputation of starting projects and never finishing them. Even if Invader Zim comes back and starts off with episodes that were never released, then most likely he'll never finish the reboot either. Plus, it still holds up unbelievably well and it still stands the test the time as one of Nickelodeon's best shows so it doesn't even need to be remade. Even though it had a short run, at least it was better than it running for a long time and getting stale later on. I'm looking at you, SpongeBob SquarePants. Plus, the voice acting cast for the characters was absolutely perfect and I cannot imagine anyone else playing the parts of Zim and GIR. Richard Horvitz and Rikki Simons were Zim and GIR and no one can replace them. Anywho, I fear that a new reboot won't appeal to Nickelodeon today. When the show first came out in 2001, it was something never seen before. Nowadays, shows like Invader Zim are the norm for programs on Comedy Central and Adult Swim and Nickelodeon would have to implicate new, edgy ideas to make the show relevant. But they most likely won't do that since Nickelodeon hasn't done that in a very long time and Cartoon Network currently has that reputation to show programs like that. I don't want to see Invader Zim to be remade on this current Nickelodeon until it gets its priorities straightened. I'm hoping that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legend of Korra, and Sanjay and Craig will change that. Only time will tell.

8. Kenan & Kel


Kenan & Kel was the first All That spinoff and definitely one of the best Nickelodeon programs during the 90's. It featured Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell playing as best friends going through wacky situations to get rich and famous. The performances with Kenan and Kel were fantastic: they had great chemistry, they complimented each other very well, and they made each episode enjoyable to watch. Hell, why do you think they milked it for all its worth on The 90's Are All That block? Because you wouldn't find a show like this on Nickelodeon anymore with a duo this engaging and it was still funny. Around 2000, when the show ended, Kenan and Kel broke up as a duo and went on to do other movies and TV shows. Nowadays, we see Kenan a lot more than Kel with his appearance on Saturday Night Live. Originally, both Kenan and Kel auditioned for SNL at the same time, but decided to choose Kenan instead. Kel is now more focused on a voice acting career and is rarely on camera.

People wanted to have a Kenan & Kel reboot or reunion for a long time. While a reunion special would be cool, a reboot will most likely not happen due to the TMZ report of Kenan not wanting to work with Kel in any projects. While it hasn't fully been confirmed to be accurate, the major fact that they are doing other projects makes this a reboot that will never happen and shouldn't happen. True they tried to do the same thing with Drake Bell and Josh Peck, but it still wasn't the same. A nice suggestion would be to get a new duo and make a show out of them. I'm sure that Nickelodeon has some great shows coming that will do something similar.

Oh yeah.....never mind. Those shows can suck it!

7. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters


One of Klasky Csupo's underrated programs, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters capitalized on the 90's with its gross humor, unusual animation, and humorous moments. It was a show that was very creative and creepy at the same time with memorable characters and scary moments. If this show was rebooted, then most of the content that they portrayed in the original will never fly by today's standards. It would be considered too vulgar for children and will most likely tone it down to a watered down version of it. One of the main quirks of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters was that it wasn't meant to be pretty or clean, it was meant to be dirty, gross, and scary, a concept you don't see today with shows about monsters. Nowadays, when you think of monsters living in another world and going to the human world to scare people, you would think of this.


With Monsters University coming out this summer, the Nickelodeon executives would try to make the show similar to Monsters Inc. That won't work. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is one of Kevin's all time favorite Nicktoons of all time and seeing a reboot would be blasphemous. We should enjoy the original the way it is now.

6. You're On!


In the 90's, there were various amounts of Nickelodeon game shows that people tuned into and wished to be there. Out of the 7 game shows that featured in the 90's, three of them have been rebooted and had been huge disasters. However, in my original top 20 list, I listed 2 game shows from the 90's that I want to see remade. The other two I really don't care about and You're On! is the one that I hate the most. Take Candid Camera and make it into an half-hour program where it's long, boring, and dull. Also, they only giveaway one prize. Not to mention, it's hosted by this guy. know you have a show that was a failure from the start. Almost no one remembers this game show and unless they do a huge overhaul on everything about it, a reboot of You're On! would suck! With Nickelodeon's reputation of rebooting classic game shows for a new generation, they shouldn't even try with this game show. There are plenty of others that deserve it a lot more!

5. Cousin Skeeter


I freaking HATE this show! This is without a doubt the WORST Nickcom in the 90's. Everything about this show sucks: the main characters, the premise, and the plot. The show was annoying with Skeeter around causing trouble and not learning anything from it at the end of the episode and completely boring without him. It doesn't appeal to anyone. Recently, Disney XD has a show named Crash & Bernstein in which it involves with a smart, down-to-earth boy building a puppet and wishing it comes to life. His wish comes true and the puppet ends up being annoying and zany as they go through wacky adventures. It's basically Cousin Skeeter for the new generation and from what I saw, it's just as bad.


With Nickelodeon copying off of the Disney Channel's sitcoms nowadays, it wouldn't surprise me if they do a reboot of Cousin Skeeter to compete with Crash & Bernstein. That is a stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid idea!!! Cousin Skeeter was absolutely nothing special when it first came out since it was overshadowed by All That and Kenan & Kel. To this day, many people have forgotten about it. Good! Keep it that way!

4. The Wild Thornberrys


Don't worry. This is the last Klasky Csupo program on my list, I promise. When Klasky Csupo made the announcement of reviving Rugrats, they were also interested in bring back The Wild Thornberrys as well. Let me ask you: why? The Wild Thornberrys came out in the right place at the right time when nature shows were becoming more popular and the movie Dr. Doolittle came out and gotten kids interested in having the ability to speak to animals. The show itself is mostly a borefest: most of the characters are very annoying and uninteresting and the premise was never really broadened enough to make the situations exciting. Most of the facts about the animals and the countries they went to are inaccurate, Eliza mostly uses her ability to talk to animals in the wrong way, the villains are forgettable and one dimensional, and the later seasons of the show were running out of ideas when they included characters such as Eliza's cousin Tyler and the teen singer Shane, both who added nothing to the series. I can kinda see why they included Shane since he brought in a love competition between Eliza and Debbie, but Tyler was completely pointless. While nature shows are still somewhat popular today, a reboot of The Wild Thornberrys would have to have a reality show feel to make it relevant kind of like Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Man vs. Wild, etc. A show like The Wild Thornberrys isn't very interesting to reboot and shouldn't even be considered to be brought back. I don't know a lot of people who consider The Wild Thornberrys to be their all time favorite or even at their top 5. It didn't appeal to many people and it definitely doesn't appeal to me.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender


Nickelodeon, if you're reading this, don't you DARE remake or reboot this show. Everything about this show works and it still is regarded as one of the best Nicktoons ever released. During a time in which Nicktoons were very basic and typical, Avatar: The Last Airbender came along and blew everything away! There was never a show like this on Nickelodeon with its Asian style animation, extremely complex and memorable characters, fantastic storyline, and overall amazing setting. I'm quite surprised that Nickelodeon didn't try to copy off this formula to make other great Nicktoons because this is how most cartoons for kids should be. Cartoon Network did that with Young Justice and Disney XD did that with Gravity Falls and Tron: Uprising, but Nickelodeon wasn't able to do another one like it since with the exception of The Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With the exception of a few minor nitpicks such as the filler episodes, some of the continuity errors, and the cliffhanger ending of not knowing about Zuko's mother, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a pretty flawless cartoon and still holds up really well almost a decade after its release. If they do reboot it, then they'll most likely make it based on the Avatar shorts that they featured in the 2nd season and make a whole series based on it to make it funny like Teen Titans Go! Just like with Invader Zim, the voice acting cast was perfect and I can't imagine anyone else playing these characters. This is a show that gets better with age and will be remembered many years later as a classic. Don't remake it!

2. The Adventures of Pete & Pete


Just like with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Adventures of Pete & Pete is a show that can never work for today's kids. The reason why is because kids are surrounded by mainstream music, pop stars, boy bands, and pop rock music. They would definitely have to do that when rebooting The Adventures of Pete & Pete to get to a mainstream audience. That would lose the charm that the original has. The Adventures of Pete & Pete is a show that has an indie feel to it with its simplistic premise, quirky and unusual characters, funny and strange scenarios, and major wonders of being a kid. The music that played in the show was not from some famous pop star or boy band, they were from indie rock and pop singers that most kids had never heard of and it broadened them to different music that they've never heard of. It's not easy getting kids to listen to indie music, but Pete & Pete did it and it's one of the most remembered things about the show. Also, today's kids wouldn't capture what made the show so quirky, unless it was done by Wes Anderson. To know what I'm talking about, watch Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. Other than that, no one would know what to do with rebooting Pete & Pete except making it more "cooler" and more well known to the kids. The show is still regarded as one of the best written kids' shows of all time and it still holds up very well today. You should really check it out if you've never seen it.


1. Double Dare


Now I know what you're thinking: "But Patricia, they already rebooted Double Dare with Double Dare 2000". Yes, you're right. But would you believe me when I said that people still want to see a new reboot of Double Dare. I'm not joking. Besides Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare is the most requested game show to get a reboot. Double Dare is a game show that resides very specially on kids who grew up on the 80's and 90's and has been considered to be the greatest kids' game show of all time. I can see why with the premise, the games, and Marc Summers as the host. No other Nickelodeon game show host could top Marc's charisma as a kids' game show host except for Jeff Sutphen. However, today's kids are not interested with game shows anymore. Shows like the Figure it Out reboot, Brainsurge, and Splatalot have been getting less and less viewings and are slowly dying from the network. So reviving an old game show will definitely not work if kids aren't interested in it in the first place. Plus, there's already a Double Dare reboot on the Nickelodeon resorts and hotels and it's terrible. Even Marc Summers himself says it sucks!

Why would you want to reboot Double Dare when it has had two reboots and they've sucked? You think a third time would work? Most likely not! This is why I have defended Brainsurge in my top 10 underrated Nickelodeon shows since it's new, fresh, and it has a classic Nickelodeon game show feel for a modern audience. Watch that show instead of wanting a reboot of a classic show. It would most likely come off stale and will most likely be hated just like Double Dare 2000 is.

Those are my top 10 Nickelodeon shows that I don't want to see being remade. What Nickelodeon shows that you never want to see being remade? Post it in the comments below.

That's all for now. Hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Thanks for reading.


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